The Perfect Blend of Traditional Medicine and Holistic Wellness

Personalized Medicine Consultants treats a myriad of chronic conditions, age related ailments, and personal issues on a daily basis. To achieve the best possible results for our patients we use an integrated approach. We work to tackle the underlying cause of a problem then, depending on the root cause, use a blend of traditional medicine and natural medicine to reach optimal holistic health (mind and body).


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Our Mission
Personalized Medicine Consultants' mission is to promote longevity and enhance healthier living by providing tools and strategies to prevent age related disorders that help improve metabolic and psychosocial function.


Medical Doctor
Jacksonville Top Pain Management Doctor - Fiaz Jaleel
Fiaz Jaleel, M.D.
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine, Anti-Aging and regenerative medicine

Dr. Fiaz Jaleel uses an integrated approach in treating the underlying causes of aging to restore vital function and balance.

Tel: (904) 744-7474

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Practice Administrator
Jacksonvilles #1 Life and Wellness Coach - Asha Jaleel
Asha Jaleel, Ed.D.
Certified Life & Leadership Coach, Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Dr. Asha Jaleel provides wellness, business and life coaching at Personalized Medicine Consultants’ Jacksonville, Florida office.

Tel: (904) 744-7474

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Dr. Fiaz Jaleel
Medicine is as much of an art as it is a Science.

Described by his patients as a compassionate and caring physician, Fiaz Jaleel, MD is devoted to enhancing the quality of life for all of his patients.

In 1987 Fiaz Jaleel, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, graduated from the University of the West Indies. Following graduation, he worked for several years in the public health service as a House Officer and District Medical Officer.

After relocating to the United States, Dr. Jaleel began his internship in Internal Medicine at St. Francis Hospital in Chicago, IL. He completed his 3-year Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency training program in 2000 at Barnes Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, MO.

Prior to moving to Florida in 2006, he worked in the Chicago suburban area with an Orthopedic Surgery Practice. In May 2009, he established Florida Pain Solutions in Altamonte Springs, Florida where his medical interest focuses on Acute and Chronic Pain Management, Musculoskeletal Medicine and Electrodiagnostic Evaluations. He is currently undergoing rigorous training in the field of Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine through A4M (American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine).

    Board Certifications:
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Pain Medicine (American Board of Pain Medicine)


  • Fellow, American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Member, American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine
  • Member, American Academy of Pain Medicine
  • Member, Florida Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Member, Florida Academy of Pain Medicine
  • Member, Florida Medical Association


Dr. Asha Jaleel
Guiding Individuals to Lead More Fulfilling Lives

As a certified Life Coach, Educational Therapist, and Leadership Consultant, Dr. Jaleel has over 20 years experience as an educator and counselor in both the health and academic arenas. Previous occupations include a Patient Financial Counselor, Director for a Women’s Heart Center, Physician Recruiter, Marketing Director for a Psychiatric Practice and Educator.

As an international student from Trinidad and Tobago, Asha moved to the United States in 1987. Her intellectual curiosity and innate desire to learn, motivated her to pursue an Associate in Arts Degree in Sociology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Management, a Master’s of Science Degree in Public Administration and a Doctorate of Education.

Dr. Jaleel is also certified in Mindfulness Meditation. Her divergent thinking strategies and unquenchable thirst for knowledge can be credited to her combination of academic pursuits, diverse ethnic background, professional experiences and worldly travels, which have provided her a unique perspective and unmistakable advantage as a life coach. Asha has also completed a certification in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Vinyasa Yoga and Breathing Practices. She is currently offering a program in "Understanding Mindfulness" and a complimentary Mindfulness Meditation class. She has been a citizen of Jacksonville, Fl for over 10 years and lives with her husband and is a devoted mother of two.

Conditions SEEN BY PMC

Personalized Medicine Consultants has extensive experience treating a wide range of conditions. Our specialists address the individual needs of our patients through appropriate diagnostic tests, therapeutic services, and the management of their condition.

Our medical clinic provides personalized service for our patients’ conditions, including but not limited to:

A Diabetes I Obesity Uremic Neuropathy
Acute Pancreatitis Diabetic Neuropathy Inflammatory Bowel Disease Opioid Therapy W
ADHD/ADD Dry Skin Insomnia Osteoarthritis Weakness
Adrenal Insufficiency Dysphasia Irregular Periods P Weight Gain
Aggression E Irritability Pain & Addiction Weight Loss
Alzheimer's Disease Eczema J Pancreatic Cancer
Andropause Elbow Pain Joint Pain Pancreatic Enzyme Deficiency
Angina Esophageal Disease K Pancreatic Insufficiency
Anxiety Esophageal Erosions Knee Pain Pancreatitis
Aphasia F L Parkinson's Disease
Arthritis Facet Arthritis Leukemia Pelvic Pain
Autoimmune Disease Facet Pain Liver Disease Peptic Ulcer Disease
B Fatigue Liver Failure Perimenstrual Syndrome
Barrett's Esophagus Fibromyalgia Liver Transplant Peripheral Neuropathy
Bile Duct Stones Foot Pain Loss Of Appetite Peripheral Vascular Disease
Bipolar Disorder Foraminal Stenosis Low Back Pain Poor Concentration
Blood Cancer Fracture Low Cortisol Post Op Pain
Bone Cancer G Low Stomach Acid Pre Menopause
Brain Cancer Gall Stones Low Testosterone Psoriasis
Breast Cancer Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Lumbar Stenosis R
C Gerd Lung Cancer Radiculopathy
Cervical Stenosis H Lupus Rheumatoid Arthritis
Chronic Daily Headaches Hand & Wrist Pain Lymphoma S
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Hashimoto's Disease M Scleroderma
Chronic Pain Headaches Memory Loss Shoulder Pain
Chronic Pancreatitis Heart Attack Memory Problems SIBO
Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome Heart Failure Menopause SIFO
Cluster Headaches Hepatitis Migraine Headaches Sjogren's Syndrome
Colon Cancer Hepatitis A Mixed Connective Tissue Disease Skin Cancer
COPD Hepatitis B Multiple Sclerosis Skin Conditions
Coronary Artery Disease Hepatitis C Muscle Pain Spinal Cord Compression
Crohn's Disease Herniated Discs N Spinal Cord Injury
CRPS High Cortisol Neck Pain Stomach Cancer
D Hip Pain Nerve Injury T
Degenerative Disc Disease Hypertension Neurodegenerative Disorders Thyroid Cancer
Dehydration Hyperthyroidism Neuropathy Traumatic Brain Injury
Dementia Hypochlorhydria Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease U
Depression Hypothyroidism O Ucerative Colitis