Treatments Offered at Personalized Medicine Consultants


Our medical practice has incorporated more than 50 tests, treatments and therapies This broad selection of services allows us to personalize and tailor our care plan for each patient. It is always our goal to work together with the patient to co-create a plan to reach optimal health.


Pain Management IV Nutrient Therapy
Pain Medicine IV Vitamin C
Auto accident treatment IV Alpha Lipoic Acid
Car Accident Treatment IV Coenzyme Q10
Personal Injury Treatment IV NAD+
Hormone Replacement Therapy IV PC Exchange
Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy IV Phosphatidylcholine Therapy
Allergy Testing IV Lipid Exchange Therapy
Allergy Treatment Stem Cell Therapy
Gut Testing Stem Cell Injections
Stool Testing IV stem cell therapy
Urine Testing CBD Products
Saliva Testing Cannabidiol Supplements
Gut Treatment Independent Medical Examinations
Autoimmune Disease Treatment Mindfulness Meditation
Steroid Injections Life Coaching
Trigger Point Injections ADHD/ADD Coaching
Joint Injections Buprenorphine Therapy
Sacroiliac Joint Injections Buprenorphine Treatment
Occipital Nerve Blocks Buprenorphine for Pain
Heart Disease Treatment LDN
Brain Disease Treatment Low Dose Naltrexone
Bowel Disease Treatment LDN for Cancer
Stomach Treatment LDN for Autoimmune Disease
Micronutrient Testing LDN for Fibromyalgia
Nutrient Testing LDN for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Nutrient Therapy LDN for Depression
IV Vitamin Therapy