IV Nutrient Therapy in our Jacksonville Office!


At Personalized Medicine Consultants, we strive to provide access to the next thought-provoking and innovative healthcare intervention that excites the mind and refuels and energizes the body.


After careful consideration, we have decided to introduce IV Nutrient Therapy. This has been around for more than three decades but it is not widespread in traditional medical practices. Due to the public interest and social media spotlight on evolving healthcare trends, we believe that the judicious utilization of intravenous supplementation is advantageous to overall health.


We live in a fast paced world that often does not allow much free time. In most IV vitamin infusion clinics, the standard practice includes hanging a one liter bag of IV fluid, which is infused over a one hour period. To minimize time lost from work, school, recreational activities and social responsibilities, we offer a Rapid Nutrient IV Infusion. This involves the use of a potent, low volume, fast acting metabolic enhancer that is infused over a one minute period. The procedure is quick and the effects are truly amazing.


These fast acting nutrient solutions contain multiple vitamins, minerals and amino acids and results in several health benefits.


  1. 1. More energy

  2. 2. A sense of wellbeing

  3. 3. Improved sleep

  4. 4. Enhanced exercise tolerance and recovery

  5. 5. A sharper mental focus and improved memory


We also infuse other additional nutrients, such a Vitamin C, Magnesium, Glutathione, etc. For patients who are interested in having a more potent, higher volume IV infusion, we offer several intravenous solutions that utilizes either a 500 ml or 1000 ml bag of Normal Saline. Added to these IV bags of Saline are multiple different nutrients which may include Vitamin C, a variety of different B vitamins, minerals, amino acids and Glutathione. If you are recovering from a recent bout of illness, mental stress, post exercise muscle soreness or a hangover, and you need a quick fix to return to a more vibrant state of wellness, please call Personalized Medicine Consultants at 904-744-7424 for our Jacksonville location or 407-673-8999 to connect with our Altamonte Springs, Florida office.


How Much Does IV Vitamin Therapy Cost?


Rapid IV Push $180.00
IV Infusions $180 - $280


Dr. Fiaz Jaleel made a guest appearance on WJXT-News4-Jax to explain how
Vitamin IV Therapy works, who it's for, and its many benefits.