Life and Wellness Coaching

What is Life and Wellness Coaching?

Our life and wellness coach will guide and motivate you to improve in your career, relationships and personal issues. She will help you recognize your dreams, refocus your life’s goals and move past challenges that are preventing you from achieving your goals. In the area of wellness, she will help keep you motivated and provide tools and strategies to get to your physical and emotional desires. These goals might include, weight loss, stress reduction, healthier lifestyles, managing ADD/ADHD, and better decision-making skills.

How do I work with the Life and Wellness Coach?

First you will have a discussion with our coach (Asha) either by phone or face-to- face to determine what your goals are, the session could be from 30 minutes to 1 hour. During the session, Asha will help you determine your obstacles, she will provide strategies and tools to help motivate you, and create an action plan to guide you step by step to achieve your goals.

Visit our testimonials page to hear from some of Asha’s coaching clients.

Compassion Meditation


Occasionally Asha is a guest on News4Jax as the Mindfulness Coach.


National Meditation Day
  • Do I need a life coach?
  • Can I see a professional life coach in your Altamonte Springs office?
  • What are Asha’s life coach credentials?
  • I am interested in having my own Mindfulness Meditation practice; where do I start?
  • How is working with a Life and Wellness Coach beneficial?

The truth is that just about everyone can benefit from life coaching. An objective third party can see what you don’t see and help you to gain clarity, direction and focus.

No, at this time we are only offering professional coaching in our Jacksonville office.

In addition to her certifications in Life & Leadership Coaching and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Asha Jaleel holds an Associate in Arts Degree in Sociology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Management, a Master’s of Science Degree in Public Administration and a Doctorate of Education.

Dr. Jaleel periodically offers an in-person interactive course to learn the basics of mindfulness meditation.

A life and wellness coach will help you to identify your goals, gain clarity, assist in developing a plan to reach your goals, provide support and input throughout your journey, and focus your attention on you and the goals you want to obtain.




Please contact Asha at (904) 414-1334 / for further information on Life and Wellness Coaching, the cost and to schedule an appointment.