NuLife Ventures Affiliation


Personalized Medicine Consultants is pleased to announce a new affiliation with NuLife Ventures and we are now an Independent Brand Partner. NuLife Ventures is a marketing and distribution company whose mission is to investigate the latest cutting-edge medical applications and to promote these disruptive technologies to the health-conscious consumer.


NuLife Ventures is associated with several high-end health-oriented products with AVACEN devices being their flagship brand. These products are FDA cleared Class II over the counter medical devices for the relief of muscle and joint pain. The technology involves a combination of negative pressure and localized heating applied to the hand. This results in decreased blood thickness, dilation of blood vessels and improved local circulation. This allows the tissues to be better perfused with nutrient blood and oxygen and allows enhanced removal of waste products. The AVACEN 100 and AVACEN PRO devices can be use as part of a comprehensive pain management program to augment the efficacy of medications for pain such as anti-inflammatory drugs, opioids, anti-depressants, and anti-epileptics. In addition, they can also be used in conjunction with physical therapy, mindfulness meditation, yoga and other evidence-based practices for acute and chronic pain.


For further information about NuLife Ventures and the AVACEN devices please click on the link below