PAST Events

On Tuesday, June 26, 2018, Personalized Medicine Consultants had a blood drive at our Jacksonville, FL office. We would like to thank everyone who came out to help save lives with their donation.

Announcement of the Blood Drive on June 26 at Personalized Medicine Consultants
Fiaz and Asha Jaleel at their Jacksonville Blood Drive

On February 15, Dr. Asha Jaleel gave a presentation on Mindfulness to nearly 90 high school students from Duval County at MOSH (Museum of Science & History)Joe Berg Foundation

Seminar by Dr. Asha Jaleel at MOSH
Dr. Asha speaking with some of the students at the seminar

An evening of fun was had by all at the Wig & Wine Party!

Attendees sporting their wigs
Choosing a wig and having some laughs
Three beautiful ladies with a new doo
Demystifying Mindfulness - Jacksonville Magazine article

Jacksonville Magazine - EMILY BAILEY

To be mindful is to be aware. It seems simple, but
there are seven pillars to achieving mindfulness:
non-judgement, patience, beginner’s mind, trust,
non-striving, accepting and letting go.

While some of these qualities seem unreachable-
it’s hard to be more patient when sitting in traffic at
the I-95 and 210 interchange-there’s a two-day
workshop January 13-14 to help people attain
mindfulness. The workshop is led by certified life
and mindfulness coach Dr. Asha Jaleel, who
gives insight on how to better eat, walk and breath.
Ommmm. Nova South Eastern University Campus. $300.