Personal Injury
Personal Injury Physicians, Jacksonville & Altamonte Springs

Personalized Medicine Consultants treats patients experiencing intense pain due to a personal injury, auto accident, slip and fall, or work related injuries. Although there are many types of accidents, the majority of patients that come in with acute painful injuries have been involved in an automobile accident.

Most Common Accidental Injuries Include:

  1. Spinal Injuries
    •   - Neck (Cervical)
    •   - Mid-upper back (Thoracic)
    •   - Lower back (Lumbar)

  2. Bone Injuries/Fractures

  3. Nerve Damage - Neuropathy

  4. Head Injuries
    •   - Whiplash
    •   - Post Traumatic Headaches
    •   - Migraine Headaches
    •   - Concussions

  5. Joint Injuries

  6. Soft Tissue Injuries
    •   - Ligament
    •   - Tendon
    •   - Muscle

What You Can Expect from Personalized Medicine Consultants

At Personalized Medicine Consultants, we are dedicated to providing you with high quality, comprehensive care for your personal injury. Dr. Jaleel will evaluate your injuries and then create a specialized plan of treatment to help you recover.

Florida PIP law provides you with $10,000 of coverage for medical expenses if you have been injured in an accident; however, you must see a doctor within 14 days of the accident.


Accident Injury Treatments

Dr. Jaleel will assess your injuries and then he'll create a plan of treatment to achieve the best possible outcome.

The goal of pain management is not only to reduce your pain to manageable levels, but to improve your quality of life to your pre-accident lifestyle, safely and efficiently.

Accident Injuries - Pain Management

Damage from car accidents and other accidental injuries can involve multiple areas of the body causing terrible pain instantly or over time. Sometimes it can take several weeks before the full extent an injury is felt.

Auto Car Accident Treatment
It’s important to manage and minimize your pain while you are healing as it can help to speed up your functional recovery.

Make sure to read the endorsement provided by your insurance agent & call them as soon as possible if your injuries are a result of an auto, truck or other motor vehicle accident.