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Anti Aging medicine Jacksonville

Our individualized programs are designed to prevent disease, increase the length and quality of life, and maintain optimal health.

Pain Management clinic Jacksonville
Pain Management

Your customized treatment plan is designed to reduce your pain, increase the quality of life your life and get you on the road to recovery.

Life and Wellness Coaching Jacksonville
Life & Wellness Coaching

Our life and wellness coach will guide and motivate you to improve in your career, relationships and personal issues.


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Welcome To Personalized Medicine Consultants of Jacksonville!

Promoting Longevity and Enhancing Healthier Living

Dr. Fiaz Jaleel Jax Beach Florida
Fiaz Jaleel, M.D.
Board Certified Physician

Dr. Fiaz Jaleel is a compassionate and caring physician who is devoted to enhancing the quality of life of his patients.

Dr. Asha Jaleel Jax Beach Florida
Asha Jaleel, Ed.D., MPA
Professional Certified Life Coach

Dr. Asha Jaleel is driven by her passion to help people recognize their core values in both their personal and professional lives.

Live Better. Live Longer.

Improve Metabolic & Psychosocial Function. We believe in a holistic approach to promote longevity and healthier living.

  • Age Management Medicine
  • Pain Management
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Natural Herbal Supplements
  • Holistic Approach
  • Functional Medicine

Using science and applied medicine to treat the underlying causes of aging and impede the human aging process.

Personalized treatment plans for persistent pain caused by accidents or chronic pain caused by medical conditions.

Learn how to do meditation using mindfulness exercises to alleviate suffering and lead more fulfilling lives.

Vitamins and supplements are used worldwide by people to maintain health and cure medical problems naturally.

Our goal for our patients is a positive state of being and helping each individual reach their optimum level of wellness.

Functional Medicine Physicians focus on finding and addressing the underlying cause of disease, not just it’s symptoms. It is a patient-centered, science-based field of healthcare.


New Office Location

We are pleased to announce that in addition to our Jacksonville and Orange CIty offices, we have expanded with the opening of our satellite office in Daytona Beach.
Services Offered:

  • * Regenerative Medicine
  • * Independent Medical Examinations

Partnering with Thrive Pharmacy

Personalized Medicine Consultants is a proud partner of Thrive Pharmacy in the quest to provide superior compounded medications for the responsible treatment of chronic pain and other life altering disorders.

Regenerative Medicine

Personalized Medicine Consultants seeks to utilize a multimodal therapeutic approach that includes the judicious use of pharmacologic interventions, nutraceutical supplementation, dietary support and education, meditation, breathing techniques etc. We also offer high quality regenerative medicine biologic products.

Common conditions that would benefit from injections of regenerative medicine solutions include degenerative joint disease such as knee osteoarthritis, lateral epicondylitis/tennis elbow, shoulder arthritis, rotator cuff tendinitis, torn rotator cuff etc.

If you have failed conservative care with physical therapy and steroid injections and you wish to avoid surgery, a regenerative medicine approach using regenerative medicine solutions is an excellent option. When someone with a degenerative orthopedic condition or other disease process is searching for a medical professional to perform a regenerative medicine procedure one should ensure that the provider is Board Certified in his specialty, has prescriptive rights and able to perform at least minor surgical procedures. No procedure is risk free and since regenerative medicine solutions are costly and not covered by insurance one must pay particular attention to the skill and knowledge of the medical doctor.


IV Nutrient Therapy


Learn More About IV Nutrient Therapy


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